Campaigning on clean air near schools in St George

I and my fellow campaigner Jo Chesterman have been concerned about the air pollution at Summerhill Infant School and Summerhill Academy (Junior) School, situated just past the end of Church Road in St George. Jo has children at both schools, and I have a granddaughter at the infants’ school.… Continue reading

Hotwell Road / Anchor Road

Better for buses – but what about pedestrians?

BWA has responded to Bristol City Council proposals for improving the bus route into Bristol city centre along Hotwell Road and Anchor Road.

In our response to the consultation, we state our belief that the opportunity provided by this kind of infrastructure investment is not being adequately used to improve the environment for pedestrians, who, after all, include all bus users.… Continue reading

Victoria Park and Northern Slopes consultation

The Bristol City Council Cycle Ambition Fund includes provision for creating a new radial cycle route called the Filwood Quietway. It is proposed to pass through Victoria Park and Northern Slopes, two green spaces used for recreation.

The Council have consulted on the route through Victoria Park before, when their proposal for a 4.5m wide delineated cycle route was rejected by local park users.… Continue reading

Phone kiosks an excuse for street advertising

BWA has objected to proposals for ten phone kiosks to be erected on pavements in Bristol City Centre, both for their siting and their appearance. It seems this is happening in several places.

In a city centre, with existing public phones and good mobile signals, there is no justification for extra kiosks as public utilities.… Continue reading

Bristol Walking Alliance writes to Metro Mayor candidates

Dear West of England Metro Mayor candidate,

Bristol Walking Alliance is a coalition of over twenty organisations campaigning to improve the walking environment within the city. We want the Metro Mayor to take bold and visionary decisions to make cities and towns in the West of England world-class places for walking, and we seek your support.… Continue reading

BWA suggestions accepted for West Broad Quay

The West Broad Quay proposals have now received planning approval. The City Design Group of Bristol City Council has accepted some of the suggestions BWA made in its response to the plans for West Broad Quay. In particular, they have said they will add give way lines for bikes where pedestrians cross the delineated cycle route and an additional crossing point at the south end of Broad Quay.… Continue reading

Response to plans for West Broad Quay

Bristol Walking Alliance has submitted a response to the BCC Planning Application 16/06935/FB for West Broad Quay in Bristol city centre. The application proposes a delineated cycle route through the space, which is currently shared between pedestrians and cyclists, as well as re-landscaping the ramp and steps to create more usable space.… Continue reading

Register your local path on the Definitive Map before it’s too late

When the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 was being haggled over, land-owners wanted clarity about footpaths on their land and the Government agreed that the official record of footpaths and bridleways should be closed to new applications based on historical evidence.… Continue reading